LG gram 2018 Laptop - My Experience!

JTechApple (Online) tech vlogger Justin Tse featured his review of the 2018 LG Gram. The video is filmed as the perspective of a student sharing that the portability of the Gram makes it an ideal option for carrying to class.

Justin was most impressed with the lightweight feel of the Gram, but also talked about the impressive battery life stating, “Another thing about the LG Gram that has always surprised me is how good the battery life is. A lot of times when you have a computer that is this thin, has this much power (it has a single fan inside of it), there doesn’t seem to be that much room for a good battery. The LG Gram though has a 72 watt battery and from my testing, I was able to get a full day of use on it.”

JTechApple (Online)

June 26, 2918

Read more: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nkVROP30zoA

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