LG V20 // My Experience


Darsh Khithani (Online) featured a detailed review of the LG V20 on his YouTube channel. In the video, Darsh highlights the dual screen technology as one of the best features of the phone.

Darsh states,  “The highlight feature for this phone is the second display. The second display is always on and offers some quick toggles, quick contacts or even some entertainment settings just for whenever you’re on the go. It’s a really unique feature to see on this phone and probably one of the most noticeable things when looking at the phone itself. This probably makes it the phone that is the most unique in the US market.”

Darsh Khithani (Online)

Posted January 29, 2017

Read more: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rd7B_p2GCiA&feature=youtu.be

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