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  • LG Cam Plus review

    Android Coliseum (Online) posted a review of the LG CAM Plus. Tech journalist Ryan Moore highlighted the features of the LG CAM Plus such as the grip, extra battery and more.

    Ryan stated, "The interesting thing at the point is that whenever the module is "engaged" is when the little battery in there starts to kick in and then we see the device start to charge. So you don't automatically get a 4000mAh battery when it's plugged in (the G5 has a 2800 battery and the module is 1200mAh). It's like a portable battery that you have connected but it kinda shuts off when not in use."

    Posted May 18, 2016 

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  • Industry News: Samsung Introduces Industry’s First 256-Gigabyte Universal Flash Storage, for High-end Mobile Devices


    Samsung has reportedly announced the first 256GB Universal Flash Storage for high-end mobile devices. This device is capable of supporting Ultra HD video playback and multitasking functionality on mobile devices such as watching 4K Ultra HD movies on a split screen while searching image files or downloading video clips.

    Samsung Newsroom

    Posted February 25, 2016

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  • Industry News: Samsung Takes the Court at NBA All-Star 2016

  picked up a release from Samsung about the upcoming NBA All-Star 2016 event. The article highlighted the "Samsung Experience" event where fans can experience interactive activities throughout the NBA All-Star 2016 games utilizing Samsung devices. This includes a Gear VR Experience where fans will get to view the LeBron James' documentary "Striving for Greatness".

    Posted February 11, 2016

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  • Industry News: Google Home: a speaker to finally take on the Amazon Echo posted an article about Google's newest smart home device, the Home. The article stated, "It's essentially what you'd expect if you were looking for Google to create an Echo competitor. It's a small speaker you plug into the wall with always-listening, far-field microphones that can hear you from across the room. It'll answer your questions, play your music, and control some of your home automation gadgets."

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  • LG G4 review: one of the best phablets available, boasting an impressive camera

    LG’s latest flagship mobile phone is designed to meet the high expectations that no-compromise, power users of Android phones have been craving. Fortunately, it manages to meet most of those demands. The successor to one of the best phablets (phone-tablet) of last year, the G3, the G4 boasts a removable back, expandable storage and replaceable battery – the last remaining mainstream Android smartphone manufacturer to do so.

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