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  • LG Cam Plus review

    Android Coliseum (Online) posted a review of the LG CAM Plus. Tech journalist Ryan Moore highlighted the features of the LG CAM Plus such as the grip, extra battery and more.

    Ryan stated, "The interesting thing at the point is that whenever the module is "engaged" is when the little battery in there starts to kick in and then we see the device start to charge. So you don't automatically get a 4000mAh battery when it's plugged in (the G5 has a 2800 battery and the module is 1200mAh). It's like a portable battery that you have connected but it kinda shuts off when not in use."

    Posted May 18, 2016 

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  • LG presents Chuck's Bites with Chef Chuck Hughes


    Starving Foodie (Online) made a post highlighting LG presents Chuck Bites in Toronto. It talks about how Chuck met with intimate groups of food and lifestyle writers to walk them through several recipes he made in partnership with LG. Along with the recipes, Chuck talked about the fantastic LG appliances he was cooking on.

    It states, "I can tell you that they are beautiful appliances that I wish I could have in my apartment and if I has the money when I was living in a house I would have bought them for sure."

    Starving Foodie (Online)

    Posted November 12, 2016

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    Canadian Mom Eh (Online) wrote a blog post about her experience at #LaBouffeLG in Montreal. In the post, Fariha discusses how Chuck cooked all of the chicken wings for the tailgate party using LG's ProBake Oven. She also includes a video outlining the features of the ProBake.

    She states, "I was pretty impressed to learn that the LG ProBake convection oven is the first free-standing range oven for the home to adopt commercial oven convection technology. It delivers even baking results on every rack, every time."

    Canadian Mom Eh (Online)

    April 4, 2017

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  • LG Debuts Paper-Thin OLED Television

    Hanging a large-screen TV on the wall will not be a back-breaking job in the future, thanks to LG. The South Korean tech firm this week debuted an ultra-thin, ultra-light OLED display prototype that can be stuck to the wall with a magnetic mat. The TV is 55 inches diagonally, weighs in at 4.2 pounds and is a slender 0.04 inches thick.

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  • The LG G6 is coming April 7th to Canada, pre-orders start today


    The Canadian Techie (Online) picked up the press release announcing the Canadian availability of the LG G6. The article lists the various carriers that will have the G6 and mentions the device’s beautiful design. Shelly Walia,

    LG Canada’s Brand Manager of Mobile Communications is quoted, “The LG G6 answers the call of consumers with the features that are most important to them, like an amazing camera packed with innovative new features and a large display, all wrapped up in a sleek and sexy design.”

    The Canadian Techie (Online)

    Posted March 15, 2017

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