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  • 2017 Smartphone Roundup: Which One Should You Buy?

    Toronto Sun (Online) tech journalist Darrell Etherington featured a brief video review of the LG V30 as a participant of LG-One’s loaner program. The device was featured on the Sun’s roundup of 2017 smartphones highlighting various features of the year’s top flagship devices.

    In the segment, Darrell states, “This is another flagship phone, the LG V30… a nearly bezel-less display. It also has a great camera! The photograph I took here for the display was taken with this camera. You get some good background blur [and] great colour rendering.”

    Toronto Sun (Online)

    November 28, 2017

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  • LG presents Chuck's Bites with Chef Chuck Hughes


    Starving Foodie (Online) made a post highlighting LG presents Chuck Bites in Toronto. It talks about how Chuck met with intimate groups of food and lifestyle writers to walk them through several recipes he made in partnership with LG. Along with the recipes, Chuck talked about the fantastic LG appliances he was cooking on.

    It states, "I can tell you that they are beautiful appliances that I wish I could have in my apartment and if I has the money when I was living in a house I would have bought them for sure."

    Starving Foodie (Online)

    Posted November 12, 2016

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  • Ransomware Ruins Holiday By Hijacking Family's LG Smart TV on Christmas Day

    Yahoo! Canada (Online) wrote an article detailing an issue of ransomware hijacking an LG smart TV. A family had installed an app to stream a movie on Christmas day when the TV showed a message that suspicious files had been detected and they would need to pay a fine to unlock the device.

    The article states, “A spokesperson for LG initially pointed out to IBTimes that LG smart TVs run WebOS, an open-source Linux-based operating system. The company did switch to WebOS but the model in question in the ransomware case, the now discontinued LG 50GA6400, can be found on LG’s site and is advertised as coming with Google TV.” The customer is located in the US and the LG US team has since resolved the issue.

    Yahoo! Canada (Online) 

    Posted December 28, 2016

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  • 4K televisions clearly coming into their own

    Ted Kritsonis wrote an article about 4K content in the Globe and Mail featuring LG's OLED TV. He highlighted the benefits of 4K resolution, 4K content and finding the right deal.

    "If you want to try a curved TV, LG's OLED (organic light-emitting diode), ... offers the best contrast and colour of any TV in its class."

    The Globe and Main (Online)

    Posted November 30, 2015

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  • LG X Power Review: The Best Phone for Pokemon Go!


    Matthew Moniz (YouTube) posted a video review of the LG X Power smartphone. Matt highlighted the overall specs of the X Power including the 4,100 mAh battery, the 5.3-inch display, 7.9 mm thickness and more.

    "I was utterly shocked on how good the battery life is. I thought I could drain it in one day with heavy usage by streaming videos, playing games , listening to podcasts and all the things I typically do. The phone just kept on going!... You can use this phone for 3 to 4 days without having to recharge. I'm actually nominating this device as the best phone for Pokemon Go."

    Matthew Moniz (YouTube)

    Posted July 19, 2016

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