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  • Party like it’s the early 2000s — flip phones poised to make comeback in 2017


    Yahoo! News (Online) featured an article speculating that LG could follow Samsung and release a foldable phone in 2017. The article describes a potential design that would have the phone flip vertically to offer users a landscape view with a touch screen located on both the front and back of the phone.

    It states, “In fact, a separate LG patent shows just such a design — another proposal for a foldable phone shows the flip happening on the vertical edge, which means that when it’s unfolded, you’re greeted with what looks like a tablet in landscape mode. The device would have a touchscreen on both the front and the back, while the hinge could serve as a music controller or notification bar. And of course, there would be a camera, flash, and fingerprint scanner.”

    Yahoo! News (Online)

    Posted January 19, 2017

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  • Protect Your Family From Spring Allergens



    Best Buy (Online) featured an article that highlights effective ways to combat allergens in the home this spring. It highlights an LG dryer that is equipped with a steam dryer.

    It states, “The 7.4 cu. ft. DLEX4370K from LG offers all the benefits of steam-drying, with a few interesting features, such as the humidity sensor that allows the unit to stop not at random from a timer, But when the clothes are perfectly dry.”

    Best Buy (Online) 

    April 21, 2017

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  • Looks like the LG G6 will drop the modular design to be waterproof


    Tech Radar (Online) wrote an article speculating on a new leak that claims LG has chosen to skip the modular design with the LG G6 as they hope to focus their efforts on making the new device waterproof.

    The article states, “According to industry sources, speaking with ET News, the LG G6 will focus on a high-end, waterproof design instead of including modules which you can switch for different functionality.”

    Tech Radar (Online) 

    Posted November 6, 2016

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  • LG's new Tone Active earbuds put function before fashion


    Yahoo! News (Online) published a review about the LG Tone Active earbuds. Tech writer, Christian de Looper, highlighted some of the features of the Tone Actives including, the built in microphone, battery life, audio quality, and the ability to pair them with any smartphone. 

    "The goal of the headphones' design is to enable the earbuds to handle even the more rigorous workouts out there, without compromising an audio quality... The headphones are also sweat and water resistant -- which is a pretty necessary feature considering the fact that the way they're designed is sure to induce more then a little sweat around your neck."

    Yahoo! News (Online)

    Posted October 1, 2016

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  • ULTIMATE Desk Setup Tour! - Ultra Modern + Functional! (Dream Desk Setup 2017)


    Canoopsy (Online) tech reviewer and content creator Isaac Mosna featured a video highlighting his dream desk set-up that was made possible by the LG 4K UHD IPS LED Monitor (27UD88). In the video, Isaac describes how he was able to improve his set up with the LG monitor as it offers significantly more screen space than his laptop alone.

    Isaac states, “It all starts with the display - the main centrepiece of this set-up - the LG 27UD88, 27-inch 4K display with USB type C. This monitor has been life changing for me. The design is very clean, very modern with narrow bezels, dark tones and the screen itself is stunning. The screen real estate is excellent especially going from a ‘laptop-only’ set-up for a long time. Having this much screen to work with is amazing.”

    September 17, 2017

    Canoopsy (Online) 

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