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  • CES 2017 sheds light on the future of the smart home


    New in Homes (Online) featured an article highlighting some of the trends in smart homes that were showcased at CES 2017. The article highlights LG’s OLED TV for its showstopping display and incredibly thin design.

    The article states, “One of the standouts of the conference was LG's 4K OLED TV. The flat screen has been given the moniker ‘the W’, as an homage to its wallpaper-thin physique. With its latest showstopper, LG is hoping to transform the TV watching experience, making it similar to gazing out a window or admiring a framed picture. On top of all of this, LG’s OLED can be mounted magnetically, taking the struggle and stress out of the installation process so that you can start enjoying your favourite shows almost instantly.”

    New in Homes (Online) 

    Posted January 10, 2017

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  • LG 55UH85 Super UHD 4K review: Chic TV with HDR support is a good choice for future-looking console gamers


    The Financial Post (Online) posted a review about the LG Super UHD TV. Tech writer Chad Sapieha highlights the new TV that he was given to try out from LG and how chic and modern it is. He highlights aesthetic features as well as digital features and the details in the picture quality.

    Chad Sapieha stated, "I can verify, though, that the LG 55UH85 is a very good TV for gaming, equipped with all the technologies expected to factor significantly in the near future as the current generation of consoles evolve. Keep it in mind if your budget allows for something more than a basic 4K display."

    The Financial Post

    Posted August 25, 2016

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  • Review: LG G5 is one smart smartphone


    Tech journalist Marc Salzman posted a review of the LG G5 on the Telus Business Blog (Online). Marc highlighted the Always-On feature, the dual rear-facing cameras and the friends accessories including the CAM Plus, VR Headset, the 360 CAM and more.

    Marc stated, "In other words, the LG G5 is the industry's first 'modular' smartphone. You can keep the guts of the phone the same, but swap out the base to add something new. Great idea, and I hope that G5 has many 'Friends' in due time."

    Telus Business Blog (Online)

    Posted April 14, 2016

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  • LG : Un service après-vente décevant

    CBC Radio Canada - La Facture (Broadcast) Journalists François Sanche and Marie-Claude Pednault share the stories of Mathieu Tanguay and Serge Lemay. Tanguay had an issue with his LG fridge light switch. He attempts to replace the part which is inexpensive in the U.S. The part was unavailable in Canada or many times the price. Lemay’s six-year-old washer had a broken pump and claims that after repeat attempts to schedule a repair, he was told no LG representatives could come to his home in Deschaillons-sur-Saint-Laurent.

    In the segment, Marie-Claude states, “We contacted LG Canada, who explained that measures are in place if the service does not appear to be available in a particular area.” The company adds that, "Unfortunately, in the case of Mr. Lemay, we made a mistake and that these measures were not followed.”

    October 5, 2017

    CBC Radio Canada - La Facture (Broadcast)

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  • LG may refresh its Gram notebooks with seventh-gen Intel processors

    Digital Trends (Online) posted an article listing some of the upgrades that could be coming to the next generation of LG Gram notebooks.

    It states, “Looks like we have another laptop leak ahead of CES 2017, which kicks off on January 5. This time it’s device manufacturer LG refreshing its Gram family of laptops with new processors, better batteries, Thunderbolt 3, and built-in fingerprint sensors. The leak arrives by way of German-based WinFuture, which posted some specs and images of the unannounced laptops.”

    Digital Trends (Online)

    Posted December 23, 2016

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