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  • Industry News: Samsung VR content


    Samsung to release VR content including an "exploratory" Virtual Reality thriller for the Gear VR. This will help Samsung keep the Gear VR virtual reality headset exciting and engaging for users. The story, "Gone" represents a new form of VR storytelling with a steep learning curve.

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  • Industry News: Apple Pay

    Apple is eyeing the business of payments between friends. They plan to talk with banks about introducing its own feature to Apply Pay that will allow users to send money to friends. Apple hopes to compete by offering this service for free using debit cards.


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  • The Best Electronics Of 2015

    Inside Fitness Magazine featured an LG 65" Smart Curved OLED TV in an article about the best electronics of 2015. They highlighted the LG OLED TV is the best television of 2015 and features a thin design, 4K resolution, webOS 2.0 software and a Magic Remote

    "The high-def television market is becoming increasingly saturated by the day, which is why it's so refreshing to see LG's unique take on the household staple."

    Inside Fitness

    Published December 2, 2015

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  • 12 His and Her gifts for Drake fans

  features the LG Music Flow H4 as the top 12 his or her gifts for Drake fans.

    Rosalyn Soloman highlighted that, "This system will get music flowing throughout [the] entire house."

    Published December 1, 2015

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  • The Secrets of a Multi-Tasking Mom


    My Organized Chaos, a mommy blogger, wrote a blog post about the LG Twin Wash. Tammi highlighted the multi-tasking capabilities of the LG Twin Wash such as doing two separate loads of laundry at once, the LG Twin Wash giveaway with the hashtag #LGTwinWash and the LG Two Things at once Festival at Yonge-Dundas Square.

    "If the average person does two loads of laundry per day {not sure they do, just throwing this number out there}, then with the LG TWIN Wash --  you are really cutting your laundry do-to list in half!"

    My Organized Chaos

    Posted December 2, 2015

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