• Building a $2,000 Gaming PC

    Linus Tech Tips (Online) featured a video of himself building a “hive-mind PC” perfect for gaming. The building video is an idea that was created from an LG partnership contest. One of the items Linus uses to build the PC is the LG 38WK95C. The monitor is recognized for its 21:9 aspect ratio, high resolution, and ultrawide screen.

    In the video, Linus notes, “The monitor sits right on the desk in front of you which makes the curved screen feel pretty nice.” Another feature highlighted includes the monitor’s ability to cover 99% of the SRCB colour space and its super slim bezel. The monitor is “large and in charge.”

    Linus Tech Tips (Online)

    July 20, 2018

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  • Review: LG 32″ Class Full QHD Monitor

    Console Creatures (Online) featured a review of the LG 32″ Class Full QHD Monitor as a participant in LG-One’s loaner program.

    The reviewer claims, “LG has designed a high-end computer monitor that should peak a lot of gamer’s interest. The LG 32″ Full Class IPS QHD Monitor offers a sizable 31.5” display backed by NVIDIA G-SYNC, a 2560×1440 resolution, and a rapid 144HZ refresh rate. This is all wrapped up is a small .5” bezel.” Console Creatures continues to discuss the monitor’s design during setup and picture quality. For design and setup, the monitor is recognized for its sleek red accents on the V-shaped base. As for picture quality, “it is quite refreshing to use a unit that bolsters its large screen.” According to Console Creatures, “The Black Stabilizer helped enrich the environment and provided clarity, and overall the LG32GK850G-B Monitor offers some great visual fidelity straight out of the box. For users who enjoy getting their hands dirty, a slew of customization can be done to enhance your experience.”

    Console Creatures (Online)

    July 20, 2018

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  • Les téléviseurs OLED abordables arrivent chez LG

    Game-Focus (Online) featured an article highlighting LG’s B8 OLED TV, explaining that LG’s entry level TV will be more accessible to consumers on a budget. Tech journalist Frederic Laroche explains that OLED TVs have always turned heads with impressive contrast ratios and deep blacks.

    He explains, “The high price is perhaps what contributed to the slow process of adoption of OLEDS as much at LG, Panasonic as Sony. That's about to change with the addition of an entry-level TV OLED at LG with the B8 series that comes in the 55 and 65 inches.”

    Game-Focus (Online)

    June 29, 2018

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  • LG Electronics to Build U.S. Solar Panel Assembly Plant

    North American Energy (Online) picked up a U.S. press release announcing that the company is planning to build a solar module assembly plant in Hunstville, Alabama. It is expected that the new factory will create approximately 160 new full time jobs.

    The release states, “The company's new solar module plant builds on LG's legacy of leadership in Huntsville. After starting as the company's first U.S. manufacturing subsidiary in 1981, Huntsville became the home of LG's service division in 1987, which expanded over the years to support LG's growing presence in the United States. Today, as the headquarters location for North American service operations, LG Huntsville includes the technical call center, service training center, field service operations and parts warehouse.”

    North American Energy (Online) 

    June 29, 2018

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  • LG gram 2018 Laptop - My Experience!

    JTechApple (Online) tech vlogger Justin Tse featured his review of the 2018 LG Gram. The video is filmed as the perspective of a student sharing that the portability of the Gram makes it an ideal option for carrying to class.

    Justin was most impressed with the lightweight feel of the Gram, but also talked about the impressive battery life stating, “Another thing about the LG Gram that has always surprised me is how good the battery life is. A lot of times when you have a computer that is this thin, has this much power (it has a single fan inside of it), there doesn’t seem to be that much room for a good battery. The LG Gram though has a 72 watt battery and from my testing, I was able to get a full day of use on it.”

    JTechApple (Online)

    June 26, 2918

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