• Waste Not, Want Not: Reducing Food Spoilage in the Kitchen

    Around the House (Online) lifestyle blogger Vicky Sanderson featured her interview with chef Chuck Hughes after attending the Continuous Kitchen media day in Toronto. In her post, she discusses the seven part video series Chuck has created in partnership with LG Electronics Canada that offers creative ideas and recipes to reduce food waste at home.

    Vicky highlights his tips on the best appliances for the kitchen, explaining, “Hughes adds that lowering temperatures to around 3°C (38°F) can help in keeping certain foods fresher longer. That’s why he likes the Custom Chill drawer on LG’s InstaView Door-in-Door refrigerator, which has four temperature setting (see it open in the featured pic above) for meat/seafood, cold drinks, deli snack and chilled wine.”

    Around the House (Online)

    May 4, 2018

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  • Tech Talk with Marc Saltzman, April 30 2018

    Newstalk 1010/CJAD 800/680 CJOB (Broadcast) tech journalist Marc Saltzman featured chef Chuck Hughes on his weekly Tech Tech segments to discuss his recent partnership with LG Canada on the Continuous Kitchen campaign. In the interview, Chuck explains how his career working in restaurants has influenced his passion in not wasting any of the food leftovers from previous meals.

    Chuck drives listeners to the campaign microsite, stating, “You can get the [videos] on the website pretty easily at”

    Newstalk 1010/CJAD 800/680 CJOB (Broadcast)

    May 2, 2018

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  • CP24 Breakfast, April 30 2018

    CP24 (Broadcast) featured a segment with celebrity chef Chuck Hughes to kick off LG’s Continuous Kitchen program. In the segment, Chuck discusses various recipes that were curated specifically to combat food waste as well as the video series he has created in partnership with LG Canada and the various recipes he will be featuring over the course of the program.

    Chuck states, “So I’ve created some videos with LG that are launching today. What we’re doing today is the roast chicken. It’s a dish that most Canadian families make, and I’m going to show them how to extend that roast chicken. So you can see those videos on”

    CP24 (Broadcast)

    May 2, 2018

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  • LG Partners with Celebrity Chef Chuck Hughes to Show Canadians how to Reduce their Food Waste

    Globe Advisor (Online) featured a press release highlighting the launch of LG Electronics Canada’s Continuous Kitchen program. Launching on Stop Food Waste Day, LG Canada has partnered with celebrity chef Chuck Hughes to teach Canadians how to reduce food waste at home with carefully crafted recipes.

    The release states, “LG and Chef Chuck Hughes are launching the LG Continuous Kitchen video series where Hughes will demonstrate how to extend the life of your groceries and avoid unnecessary food waste. The goal? Encouraging Canadians to help alleviate the approximately 13 million tons of food wasted in Canada per year ("Commission for Environmental Cooperation", 2018, p viii). Throughout the series, Chef Hughes will show Canadians how a classic Sunday dinner like roast chicken and vegetables can make multiple meals — reducing food waste with the right recipes and kitchen innovations.”

    Globe Advisor (Online)

    May 2, 2018

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  • The Ultimate Leftover Roasted Chicken Hash with Gravy Feast

    Cityline (Broadcast/Online) Chef Chuck Hughes was featured in a five-minute segment on Cityline teaching viewers how to transform leftovers into an innovative feast. While explaining his recipe for turkey hash, he makes a point to highlight several LG appliances in the kitchen including the InstaView refrigerator and the ProBake oven. Although he makes no direct mention of LG, he makes a point to highlight the knock-on feature of the InstaView and the quick pre-heat feature on the ProBake.

    Chuck states, “Wow… that’s got to be the best feature on this fridge. I can actually see without even opening the door what I had last night for dinner. Turns out it’s roasted chicken!”

    Cityline (Broadcast/Online)

    April 28, 2018

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