• Industry News: Canadians fuel second-hand economy: report


    According to Thestar (Online), the "second hand" economy has become very popular with Canadians as suggested in a recent report sponsored by Kijiji. The article stated, "Of the second-hand economy's categories, household appliances and décor items are among the most popular... The second post popular used appliance nationwide is the washer. That says as much about our economy as it does about the durability of our household machines."

    Thestar (Online)

    Posted April 30, 2016

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  • Industry News: Appliance trends: Show focuses on colours, cooking times


    According to, there has been a paradigm shift to personalize the kitchen. The article stated, "Today's kitchen appliances are designed to let you individualize everything from colour to cooking method." The article also mentioned customization in cooking with coloured appliances, faster cooking times and better cooling/freezing options.


    Posted April 25, 2016

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  • GLOBAL NEWS MORNING BC April 8 2016 3:03pm 04:56 Actress Noureen DeWulf on ‘The Hockey Wives’ life


    Global News Morning BC broadcasted a segment about Hockey Wives' Noureen DeWulf, in which she spoke about her experience being part of the show.

    Noureen also mentioned being an ambassador for LG, stating, "I've just become an ambassador for LG products and tomorrow I'll be at the Lowe's in Queensboro from 12-2 and we're giving away an LG Twin Wash."

    Global News Morning BC (Broadcast)

    Posted on April 8, 2016 

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  • Industry News: New smart fridge lets you order food and watch movies


    According to The Toronto Sun (Online), there is a new smart fridge that lets you order food and watch movies. The Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator is a "command centre" that allows recipes for cooking and compiling, sharing shopping lists, order groceries and more. "Another big seller with the Family Hub is that it converts from fridge to freezer which helps with your storage needs and it keeps your food fresher longer via its specially designed Triple and Metal Cooling system that also helps too on the energy-savings front."

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  • Dual-Load Washing Machines

  posted an article about the LG TWIN Wash and Sidekick Pedestal. The article highlighted the dual-wash capabilities and the TurboWash technology.

    Journalist Katherine Pendrill stated, "The TWIN Wash system consists of two separate washing units designed for different sized loads. The font-loading washer on the top can be used for larger loads, while the LG SideKick unit on the bottom is designed for smaller items such as delicates. The washer is also integrated with LG's smart home platform, which allows users to monitor the progress of their washing directly from their smartphone."

    Posted on April 3, 2016

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