• Two Loads, One Machine

    Chatelaine (Print) published an article in the August 2016 issue about tech products that are sleek and super clever. The article highlighted the LG Twin Wash laundry machine that can do two loads at once. 

    The article stated, "Wash a big load up top while you do a smaller one in the drawer below. Because who doesn't want to cut laundry time in half?"

    Chatelaine (Print)

    August 2016 issue

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  • LG recognized with Energy Star award

    Plumbing and HVAC (Print) published their May/June 2016 issue about LG Canada's Energy Star Canada award. The article highlighted that the award recognized organizations that demonstrate excellence in offering Canadian consumers the most energy-efficient products and technology available on the market.

    The article stated, "LG was recognized for things like creating unique HVAC products for Canada's climate, training 750 people on products with an emphasis on Energy Star, linking Energy Star certified LG products to utility programs, and emphasizing Energy Star in all product presentations."

    Plumbing and HVAC (Print)

    May/June 2016

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  • Industry News: Connected Kitchens Technology Can Tell You What There Is To Eat


    Winnipeg Free Press (Online) posted an article about "innit", a tech company, that hopes to provide a solution to busy home cooks through a connected food platform. The article stated, "On top of showing you what's already in your fridge, Innit will tell you what you can make it those ingredients by pulling data from a trove of thousands of recipes."


    Winnipeg Free Press (Online)

    Posted June 5, 2016

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  • Hot Appliance Trends


    CTV Morning Live (Broadcast) broadcasted a segment about upcoming tech trends in home appliances, highlighting the LG Styler and Twin Wash. Sales Associate Catherine Mitchell of Trail Appliance highlighted the features of the LG Styler and the LG Twin Wash.

    Catherine stated, "This is my favourite appliance to have. I would give up closet space for this. This is an LG steam styling cabinet. This steams all the wrinkles out of your clothing as well as it sanitised or does a gentle dry on your clothes... this is LG's new one-cubic foot washer and it stacks underneath any of the 27-inch wide units and perfect for the small loads and socks that you forget to load... throw it in there and it's done quickly."

    CTV Morning Live (Broadcast)

    Posted June 8, 2016

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  • How To Design A Family-Friendly Bathroom


    Canadian House and Home (Online) posted a video on their website about renovating a spare bedroom into a family-friendly bathroom.

    With the LG coverage starting at 2:12 of the video, the designer Kai mentioned that they placed the washer and dyer in the bathroom because it's convenient and makes sense, especially with kids.

    Canadian House and Home (Online)

    Posted May 9, 2016

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