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  • Here are the Samsung Galaxy X, S10, Note 9 and LG G7 ThinQ Leaks from Last Week

    MobileSyrup (Online) featured an article highlighting the latest mobile leaks from the past week. The article includes a link to the latest render of the LG G7 ThinQ as well as new information pertaining to the LG V35 ThinQ and LG V40 ThinQ.

    It states, “The serial leaker also gave us a release schedule for the LG V35 ThinQ and the LG V40 ThinQ. The V35 ThinQ is set to come out at around the same time as the G7 ThinQ, according to reports. While the V40 ThinQ is reportedly releasing in late summer or early fall.”

    MobileSyrup (Online)

    April 28, 2018

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  • Amazon is Working on a Top-secret Project to Build Robots for your Home

    PostMedia (Online/Print) featured a syndicated article discussing Amazon’s plan to build robots for the home. The article explains that the company plans to begin seeding robots into their employees homes as early as 2019.

    The article briefly mentions LG’s CLOi robot that was showcased at CES 2018 stating, “More recently, Sony Corp. and LG Electronics Inc. have shown interest in the category. In January at CES, LG showed off a robot called CLOi in a demonstration that failed multiple times.”

    PostMedia (Online/Print)

    April 28, 2018

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  • The Ultimate Leftover Roasted Chicken Hash with Gravy Feast

    Cityline (Broadcast/Online) Chef Chuck Hughes was featured in a five-minute segment on Cityline teaching viewers how to transform leftovers into an innovative feast. While explaining his recipe for turkey hash, he makes a point to highlight several LG appliances in the kitchen including the InstaView refrigerator and the ProBake oven. Although he makes no direct mention of LG, he makes a point to highlight the knock-on feature of the InstaView and the quick pre-heat feature on the ProBake.

    Chuck states, “Wow… that’s got to be the best feature on this fridge. I can actually see without even opening the door what I had last night for dinner. Turns out it’s roasted chicken!”

    Cityline (Broadcast/Online)

    April 28, 2018

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  • Daily Download

    City TV (Broadcast) tech journalist Mike Yawney featured a discussion on the latest TV technology in his Daily Download segment. He highlights Sharp latest’s innovation—8K TV technology.

    Mike explains, “If you’ve purchased a 4K TV this spring, you’ll be happy to know its obsolete. An 8K TV has just hit the market. Okay, I’m kidding about the obsolete. Sharp is wasting no time and has just released an 8K television… 16 times the resolution of HD TV and 4 times 4K. Stunning yes, but there are still a few issues here. There isn’t much 8K content available.”

    City TV (Broadcast)

    April 28, 2018

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  • LG will Reportedly Unveil the V40 ThinQ in Early Summer, Late Fall

    MobileSyrup (Online) featured an article speculating on the anticipated release date of the LG V40 ThinQ. Android leaker Evan Blass explained that the device is expected to be released in late summer or early fall.

    He states, “Blass also claims that LG will announced the V40 ThinQ, codenamed Storm, in the late summer or early fall. A late summer or early fall unveiling is the norm for LG’s V-series, as in the past the company has announced all previous V-series handsets, except the V30S ThinQ, in the fall.”

    Mobile Syrup (Online)

    April 23, 2018

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